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Rice We Can have Revival Now Sermons

Dr. John R. Rice’s We can have revival now sermons is a theWord module with 9 sermons on different topics of revival for the church today.

Table of Contents

Dr. John R. Rice’s We can have revival now sermons is a theWord module with 9 sermons on different topics of revival for the church today.

We Can Have Revival Now

By Evangelist John R. Rice (1895-1980)

Table of Contents of Rice We Can have Revival Now Sermons

Chapter 1 – Voices that Despair of_Revival
Chapter 2 – Bible Foretells Greatest_Revivals Yet To Come
Chapter 3 – False Teaching About The Last Days
Chapter 4 – “The Last Days,” A Blessed Age of_Revival
Chapter 5 – Great_Revivals in Bible Times Prove We Can Have Revival Now
Chapter 6 – We Can Have Revival Now Because of God’s Infinite Resources Freely Available
Chapter 7 – Present-Day Wickedness, Apostasy, and Modern Civilization Cannot Prevent Revival
Chapter 8 – The Revival Harvest Is Always Ripe Among Lost Sinners
Chapter 9 – God’s Way to Mass Revival

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John R. Rice

This biography is taken from and it is abbreviated here. A longer version is available on our website Dr. John R Rice Biography

John R Rice
Evangelist John R. Rice

John Richard Rice (December 11, 1895 – December 29, 1980) was a Baptist evangelist and pastor and the founding editor of The Sword of the Lord, an influential fundamentalist newspaper.[expand title="Read more on John R. Rice"]

  • Saved at age 12, joined Southern Baptist Church.
  • 1916 entered Decatur Baptist College.
  • 1918 Drafted into the Army.
  • 1919 entered Baylor University.
  • Graduate school at the University of Chicago.
  • Worked at Pacific Garden Mission while in Chicago.
  • Entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Left seminary early taking assistant pastor in Plainview Texas
  • Took senior pastorate in Shamrock text.
  • 1926 entered evangelism
  • Worked out of First Baptist Church under J. Frank Norris.
  • Broke with Southern Baptist Convention in 1927.
  • Helped "Fundamental Baptist" churches start in conjunction with Norris.
  • When Rice refused to bend to Norris's will, the older man threatened him and then viciously attacked him in print.
  • Rice's sermons were in the same sensationalism as Norris', for example, "The Dance--Child of the Brothel, Sister of Gambling and Drunkenness, Mother of Lust--Road to Hell!" and Diseased, Decaying Bodies with Undying Maggots and Unquenched Fire in Hell"
  • The specific focus of Rice was that churches are not to take care of Christians but to win souls i.e. evangelism. 
  • Since Rice followed this thought, he spent much time away preaching in other churches that in his own church, and they staged a coup.
  • In 1934 Rice started the Sword of the Lord, a bi-weekly publication to influence Fundamental Baptists.
  • 1940 Rice reenter evangelism.
  • Perhaps his most popular books were Prayer--Asking and Receiving (1942) and The Home: Courtship, Marriage, and Children (1945). Rice also wrote commentaries on books of the Bible, and he attacked humanism, worldliness (especially movies and dancing), evolution, fraternal lodges, and the Southern Baptist Convention. A special target was religious liberalism.  
  • Evangelism conferences - In 1945 Rice organized Sword of the Lord Conferences. 
  • Many churches looked to Rice and his inclusion of evangelists as approval of sorts.
  • Rice separated from neo-evangelicals (see links Dr. John R Rice Biography and
  • Rice taught and separated from Compromisers (see links Dr. John R Rice Biography and[/expand]

Works by John R. Rice

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