Wiseman From Pollution to Purity

This is a 4 chapter work by Wiseman (Methodist)(Holiness) on purity (Sanctification). Although his chapters run Sin, Atonment, New Birth, and Sanctification, he has about 18 topics of which each of these four are just one in the list.

From Pollution to Purity

By Peter Wiseman

AIM: Methodist, Peter Wiseman.
CIM: Salvation, Sanctification.
Version: October 13, 2014

Peter Wiseman examines our sanctification (our purity) focusing on the doctrines of sin, atonement, new birth, and sanctification itself.

According to the line of thinking of these holiness authors, sanctification is possible on this side of death. That goes to the point of living a sinless life. Purity here means living a sinless life. Purity is not necessarily living a pure life the best you can as a Christian, but purity is sinless perfection. When you read this work, it is good to keep in mind that this is their position.

CONTENTS of From Pollution to Purity

Chapter 1 – The Doctrine Of Sin
Chapter 2 – The Doctrine Of Atonement
Chapter 3 – The Doctrine Of The New Birth
Chapter 4 – The Doctrine Of Sanctification

Child Training

The disciplining of a child is a very important topic in the Bible. God desires that his children, train up their children in the way of the Lord.

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About Peter Wiseman

Peter Wiseman
Peter Wiseman

Peter Wiseman taught in various Holiness colleges, and was also a camp-meeting preacher. He was for a time pastor of the Detroit Holiness Tabernacle, and later served as an instructor in the Department of Theology at the Missionary Training Institute, Nyack, New York. Dr. Wiseman is the author of many books and pamphlets.

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