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Chafer’s study on he that is spiritual is a study on what is the biblical picture of a spiritual person. He looks at the three classes of men (natural, carnal, spiritual), and the ministries of the Spirit, the filling of the Spirit that gives true spirituality, “Grieve not the Spirit”, “Quench not the Spirit”, “Walk in the Spirit”, analogy and conclusion.

Table of Contents

Chafer He that is Spiritual theWord Chafer’s study on what is the biblical picture of a spiritual person. He looks at the three classes of men (natural, carnal, spiritual), and the ministries of the Spirit, the filling of the Spirit that gives true spirituality, “Grieve not the Spirit”, “Quench not the Spirit”, “Walk in the Spirit”, analogy and conclusion.

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  • Version 0.2: (See below to download) Chapter 6 was cut off. Thanks to Dr. Dave T this version has it restored. Thank you Dave!

Table of Contents of Chafer’s He that is Spiritual theWord

1. Three Classes of Men
2. The Ministries of the Spirit
3. The Filling of the Spirit, or True Spirituality
4. “Grieve not the Holy Spirit” – First Condition of True Spirituality
5. “Quench not the Spirit” – Second Condition of True Spirituality
6. “Walk in the Spirit” – Third Condition of True Spirituality
7. An Analogy and the Conclusion
Chafer He that is Spiritual theWord

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Chafer - He that is Spiritual
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