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Bellett, J.G. – Witnesses for God

Witnesses for God is a work of studies and meditations on the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. 

Witnesses for God is a work of studies and meditations on the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

Witnesses for God

Witnesses for God
In Dark and Evil Times
J. G. Bellett.

Contents of Witnesses for God

1 Judah’s Captivity in Babylon
2 The Captives Returned to Jerusalem Ezra 1-4
3 The Builders of the Wall Nehemiah 1-6
4 The Dispersed among the Gentiles The Book of Esther

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John Gifford Bellett

J G BellettJohn Gifford Bellett (19 July 1795 – 10 October 1864) was an Irish Christian writer and theologian, and was influential in the beginning of the Plymouth Brethren movement. It was in Dublin that, as a layman, he first became acquainted with John Nelson Darby, then a minister in the established Church of Ireland, and in 1829 the pair began meeting with others such as Edward Cronin and Francis Hutchinson for communion and prayer.

ellett had become a Christian as a student and by 1827 was a layman serving the Church. In a letter to James McAllister, written in 1858, he describes the episcopal charge of William Magee, Archbishop of Dublin, that sought for greater state protection for the Church. The Erastian nature of the charge offended Darby particularly, but also many others including Bellett.

The pair bonded particularly over prophetic issues and attended meetings and discussions together at the home of Lady Powerscourt, and Bellett and Darby (along with the Brethren movement in particular) were particularly associated with dispensationalism and premillennialism.

Selected works

  • The Patriarchs (Morrish, 1909)
  • The Evangelists (Rouse, 1903)
  • The Minor Prophets (ed. W. Kelly; Allan, 1870)
  • Short Meditations (Cavenagh, 1866)
  • Moral Glory of Jesus Christ

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Bellett, J G - Witnesses For God
Bellett, J G - Witnesses For God
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