Ark of the Covenant

Evans-The Ark of the Covenant

In this 24 chapter work by James Harrington Evans (Baptist), he investigates various aspects of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant
By James Harrington Evans

In this 24 chapter work by James Harrington Evans (Baptist), he investigates various aspects of the Ark of the Covenant.

AIM: Baptist, Evans.
CIM: OT Studies, Tabernacle-Temple.
Version: 1.1 June 16, 2014
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Contents of The Ark of the Covenant

1. The Design of the Ark; or, God’s Presence Vouchsafed
2. The Construction of the Ark; or, God’s Presence Glorious
3. The Location and Guardianship of the Ark; or, God’s Presence Concealed
4. The Contents of the Ark; or, God’s Presence Linked with Man’s Duty
5 The Ark in the Wilderness; or, God’s Presence amid Life’s Changes
6. The Ark at Jordan; or, God’s Presence amid Life’s Afflictions
7. The Ark at Jericho; or, God’s Presence amid Life’s Conflicts
8. The Ark at Gilgal; or, God’s Presence Detective of Sin
9. The Ark at Ebal and Gerizim; or, God’s Presence in the Reading of the Word
10. The Ark at Shiloh; or, God’s Presence Directive in Perplexity
11. The Ark at Shiloh; or, God’s Presence Revealed to the Young
12. The Ark in the Battlefield; or, God’s Presence Forgotten
13. The Ark in Captivity; or, God’s Presence Unwelcome to the Sinner
14. The Ark at Bethshemesh; or, God’s Presence Contemned
15. The Ark at Kirjath-Jearim; or, God’s Presence Withdrawn
16. The Ark at Gibeah; or, God’s Presence Fitfully Sought
17. The Ark at Nachon’s Threshing Floor; or, God’s Presence Mistrusted
18. The Ark in the House of Obed-Edom; or, God’s Presence a Blessing to the Right-Hearted
19. The Ark of Mount Zion; or, God’s Presence in the Sanctuary
20. The Ark Beyond Kidrom; or, God’s Presence Universal
21. The Ark on Mount Morriah; or, God’s Presence Perpetual
22. The Ark Lost; or, God’s Presence Forfeited
23. The Ark Unrestored; or, God’s Presence in Human Form
24. The Ark Seen in Vision; or, God’s Presence with His Church


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