Stuart Thoughts on Sacrifices

Stuart Thoughts on Sacrifices

Contents of Stuart Thoughts on Sacrifices

1. — The Offerings of Cain and Abel
2. — The Sweet Savour of the Sacrifice
3. — The Passover
4. — The Sin-offering
5. — Discipline and Restoration to Communion
6. — Propitiation
7. — Cleansing from Defilement
8. — Heave-offerings and Wave-offering
9. — Drink-offerings
10. — The Crucifixion
11. — The Penitent Thief
12. — The One Alternative
13. — Christian Sacrifices

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Stuart, C E  - Thoughts On Sacrifices Gbk
Stuart, C E - Thoughts On Sacrifices Gbk
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Stuart, C E  - Thoughts On Sacrifices
Stuart, C E - Thoughts On Sacrifices
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