Bouvières, Jeanne Marie – A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents

Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents is a 19 chapter work on prayer, Methodology. Chapters are short.

Jeanne Marie Bouvières – A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents

Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents is a 19 chapter work on prayer, Methodology. Chapters are short.

Contents of Short Method of Prayer

1. All are commanded to pray-Prayer the Great means of Salvation.
2. First Degree of Prayer-Meditation and Meditative Reading- The Lord’s Prayer- Passage from the first degree to the second.
3. Second Degree of Prayer, Called here “The Prayer of Simplicity”.
4. On spiritual dryness.
5. Abandonment to God–Its fruit and its irrevocability– in what it consists-God exhorts us to it.
6. Of Suffering which must be accepted as from God–Its Fruits.
7. On the Mysteries–God gives them here in Reality.
8. On virtue–All Virtues given with God in this degree of the Prayer of the Heart
9. Of perfect Conversion, which is an effect of this method of Prayer–Two of its Aids, the Attraction of God, and the central inclination of the soul.
10. Higher degree of Prayer, which is that of the Simple Presence of God, or active contemplation.
11. Of Rest in the Presence of God–It’s Fruits–Inward Silence–God Commands it–Outward Silence
12. Self-Examination and Confession.
13. On Reading–Vocal Prayer– Requests.
14, The Faults committed in this degree–Distractions, temptations–The Course to be pursued respecting them.
15, Prayer and Sacrifice explained by the Similitude of a perfume– Our annihilation in this sacrifice– Solidity and fruitfulness of this prayer as set forth in the Gospel.
16. This state of Prayer not one of idleness, but of Noble action, Wrought by the Spirit of God, and in Dependence upon him– The Communication of his Life and Union.
17. The distinction between exterior and interior actions–Those of the Soul in this condition are interior, but habitual, continued, direct, profound, simple, and imperceptible-being a continual sinking in the Ocean of Divinity–Similitude of a Vessel–How to act in the absence of Sensible supports.
18. The Dryness of Preachers, and the Various Evils which arise from their failing to teach heart-prayer-exhortation to Pastors to lead People towards this form of Prayer, without amusing them with studied and methodical devotion.
19. After the preceding ways, there remains an after way, preparatory to divine union, in which wisdom and justice make the passive purification of the Soul, all which is treated in Detail in the Following Treatise, entitled “Spiritual Torrents”

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