Hall The Lord's Prayer

Hall, Newman – Lord’s Prayer

Newman Hall’s work, Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer, examines the seven petitions in the model prayer that the Lord gave his disciples.

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Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer

Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer
Newman Hall, 1889

Newman Hall’s work, Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer, examines the seven petitions in the model prayer that the Lord gave his disciples.

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Contents of Practical Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer


1. Prayer Reasonable and Useful
2. Direct Benefits of Prayer, Objections to Prayer
3. Reflex Benefits
4. Christ’s Authority for Prayer
5. Method of Prayer—
Form or Freedom
6. Authorship
7. General Scope


1. Divine Fatherhood—”Father”
2. Fatherhood by Creation
3. Fatherhood by Redemption
4. Blessings Involved in the Fatherhood
5. Universal Brotherhood—”Our”
6. Majesty of the Father—”In Heaven”
7. Practical Lessons


1. The Place of this Petition
2. The Meaning
3. What is Involved
4. Reasons for the Petition


1. The Kingdom Spiritual
2. Difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of the World
3. The Coming of the Kingdom
4. The Millennial Reign
5. Prayer for the Kingdom


1. The Will of God
2. God’s Preceptive Will
3. Why should God’s Will be Done?
4. Angelic Nature
5. Angelic Obedience
6. Passive Obedience
7. Illustrations
8. Example of Christ


1. Meaning and Reasonableness
2. The Giver—”Our Father”
3. The Gift—”Daily Bread”
4. Community of the Gift—”Us”
5. Conditions of the Gift—”Our,”
6. Period of the Gift—”This Day”
7. Prayer for the Gift


1. Sin as a Debt to God
2. The Debts of God’s Pardoned Children
3. Our Father’s Forgiveness
4. Prayer for Pardon
5. Forgiveness of One Another
Human Forgiveness
A Condition of Divine


Connection with Prayer for Pardon
1. Meaning of Temptation
2. Meaning of the Prayer
3. Consolation for the Tempted
4. Practical Lessons
No to go into Temptation
Resist in the Way Appointed
Turn Hindrances into Helps
Not Bring Others into Temptation
Compassion towards the Fallen


1. The Evil One
Personality of the Devil
Agency of the Devil
Resistance to the Devil
2. The Evil Resulting from Sin
3. The Evil in Ourselves


1. A Confession of Faith
The Kingdom
The Power
The Glory
2. An Argument in Prayer
3. An Ascription of Praise
4. Forever
5. Amen
6. Period of the Gift

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Hall, Newman - Lord's Prayer
Hall, Newman - Lord's Prayer
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