Kulp George – Callused Knees

Kulp George – Callused Knees

Contents of Kulp George – Callused Knees

Chapter 1: A Man Sent from God Whose Name was John
Chapter 2: Behold He Prayeth
Chapter 3: Preparation for Life Work
Chapter 4: Call to the Ministry
Chapter 5: Abundant in Labors
Chapter 6: Conquering and to Conquer
Chapter 7: A Student of the Word
Chapter 8: Travailing in Soul
Chapter 9: Victories in the Pastorate
Chapter 10: As a Personal Worker and Preacher
Chapter 11: Give Me Souls or I Die
Chapter 12: Obtaining More of God
Chapter 13: A Steward of the Mysteries of God
Chapter 14: The Manliness of the Man
Chapter 15: As God’s Revivalist
Chapter 16: A Partial Cessation From Labor
Chapter 17: Saving Souls From Death
Chapter 18: Cry Out and Shout, Thou Inhabitant of Zion
Chapter 19: Light in the Valley of the Shadow
Chapter 20: Conqueror in Death

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Kulp, George - Callused Knees Gbk
Kulp, George - Callused Knees Gbk
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