Brengle – The Soul-Winner’s Secret

This volume of 19 chapters deals with the character and secret’s of a good soul-winner.

By Colonel Brengle

This volume of 19 chapters deals with the character and secrets of a good soul-winner.

CONTENTS of The Soul-Winner’s Secret

1. The Personal Experience of the Soul-Winner
2. Obedience
3. Prayer
4. Zeal
5. Spiritual Leadership
6. Redeeming the Time
7. The Studies of the Soul-Winner
8. Health
9. The Renewing of Power
10. An Undivided Heart
11. Finance
12. Saving Truth
13. Keeping the Flock
14. The Soul-Winner and the Children
15. The Soul-Winner’s Commission to the Children
16. Deal Gently
17. “So Spake”
18. Importance and Benefits of Bible Study
19. King David’s Use of His Bible

E-sword (esword) module also available for this work

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Some Answers to the Above

  • What is soul-winning?

Technically, “soul-winning” is God’s Plan to Bring Lost Sinners to Christ for Salvation. It is a synonym for evangelism. It comes from the command in Matthew 28:19-20 to go out and teach all nations. Teaching in Christianity has to begin with the foundation of new birth, or being saved, born again spiritually.

I would recommend the following webpage: Salvation by David Stewart (tabl,e of contents below)

  1. Salvation And The Word of God
  2. When They Knew God
  3. The Sinfulness of Mankind
  4. The Penalty of Hell
  5. The Reality of Hell
  6. The Purpose of Hell
  7. Christ Died for Our Sins
  8. The Importance of the Blood
  9. The Blood Applied in Heaven
  10. Christ’s Burial
  11. Christ’s Resurrection
  12. Put All Your Faith in Jesus
  13. Imputation
  14. Jesus, Our Propitiation
  15. Predestination
  16. The Good Shepherd
  17. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  18. Good Works Verses on Grace
  19. The Gift of God
  20. Another Jesus
  21. The Unbeliever
  22. The King James Bible
  23. Are You Really a Christian?
  24. How to Know Your Saved
  25. Fallen From Grace
  26. Biblical Repentance
  27. Easy Believism Defended
  28. Lordship Salvation Exposed
  29. You Can Count on Jesus
  30. Soul-Winning
  31. Misconceptions Concerning Christ
  32. Divine Justice
  33. Salvation is a Gift, Not a Reward
  34. His Righteousness
  35. Don’t Leave Out The Cross
Brengle-The Soulwinner's Secret
Brengle-The Soulwinner's Secret
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Brengle, Colonel Samuel - Soul Winner's Secrets
Brengle, Colonel Samuel - Soul Winner's Secrets
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