Talbot God’s Plan for the Ages

Talbot, Louis T. – God’s Plan for the Ages

Talbot God’s Plan for the Ages

God’s Plan For The Ages
A Comprehensive View of God’s Great Plan from Eternity to Eternity Illustrated with Chart:
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Louis T. Talbot
Chancellor of Biola College and Talbot Theological Seminary
Copyright @ 1936

Talbot is similar to a host of modern independents and dispensationalists who believe that Christ personally appeared in human form in the Christophanies. The view was firmly taught by many of the great older Bible teachers such as Arno C. Gaebelein, William L. Pettingill, and Lewis Sperry Chafer. This doctrine is still popularized by the notes of The New Scofield Reference Bible., J. Vernon McGee, Charles L. Feinberg, and John F. Walvoord.

Various Baptist oriented churches and study bibles promote theology also taught by Talbot and others like him. For example, many fundamental Baptist churches, independent Bible churches, and similar evangelical churches promote this view.

Several modern evangelical study Bibles and commentaries take similar positions:

The Rice Reference Bible (1981), edited by the late evangelist John R. Rice, when commenting on Genesis 32:24, hints “Jacob possibly even experienced here a preincarnate appearance of Christ.”

The Nelson Study Bible (1997), edited by Earl D. Radmacher, says of Joshua 5:15, “John 1:18 strongly implies that appearances such as this were preincarnate appearances of the Savior Jesus, and not of God the Father, who cannot be seen (John 6:46).”

Old Testament scholar, John H. Sailhamer, writing in the popular Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary on the Genesis 18 passage, says plainly: “The most common explanation is that the ‘man’ is a ‘christophany,’ i.e., an appearance of the Second Person of the Trinity in human form, before the Incarnation.… Abraham was then visited by the preincarnate Christ who was accompanied by two ‘angels.’ ”

The Bible Knowledge Commentary, written by faculty members of Dallas Theological Seminary, readily acknowledges that the Messenger of Jehovah “may refer to a theophany of the preincarnate Christ.”Of Joshua 5:14 Donald Campbell says, “it seems clear that Joshua was indeed talking to the Angel of the Lord, another appearance in Old Testament times of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.” In one of the commentary’s fullest notes on the Angel of the Lord, F. Duane Lindsey summarizes, “The Angel of the Lord was not merely ‘an angel’; He was a theophany—an appearance of the second Person of the Trinity in visible and bodily form before the Incarnation.”

Talbot, Louis T. – God’s Plan for the Ages

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