Kingsley, Charles – Water of Life and Other Sermons

Water of Life and Other Sermons

Water of Life and Other Sermons

Water of Life and Other Sermons

Charles Kingsley

CONTENTS of Water of Life and Other Sermons

SERMON I. The Water of Life. (Revelation xxii. 17.)
SERMON II. The Physician’s Calling. (St. Matthew ix. 35.) 4
SERMON III. The Victory of Life. (Isaiah xxxviii. 18, 19.) 27
SERMON IV. The Wages of Sin. (Romans vi. 21–23.) 40
SERMON V. Night and Day. (Romans xiii. 12.) 56
SERMON VI. The Shaking of the Heavens and the Earth. (Hebrews xii. 26–29.) 68
SERMON VII. The Battle of Life. (Galatians v. 16, 17.) 83
SERMON VIII. Free Grace. (Isaiah lv. 1.) 90
SERMON IX. Ezekiel’s Vision. (Ezekiel i. 1, 26.) 98
SERMON X.  Ruth. (Ruth ii. 4.) 111
SERMON XI. Solomon. (Ecclesiastes i. 12–14.) 123
SERMON XII. Progress. (Ecclesiastes vii. 10.) 134
SERMON XIII. Faith. (Habakkuk ii. 4.) 143
SERMON XIV. The Great Commandment. (Matthew xxii. 37, 38.) 153
SERMON XV. The Earthquake. (Psalm xlvi. 1, 2.) 164
SERMON XVI. The Meteor Shower. (Matthew x. 29, 30.) 176
SERMON XVII. Cholera, 1866. (Luke vii. 16.) 189
SERMON XVIII. The Wicked Servant. (Matthew xviii. 23.) 203
SERMON XIX. Civilized Barbarism. (Mattthew ix. 12.) 213
SERMON XX. The God of Nature. (Psalm cxlvii. 7–9.) 233

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Author:Kingsley, C.
Date:July 15, 2016

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