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Owen, John – Temptation

Temptation the nature and power of it; the danger of entering into it;
and the means of preventing that danger: with a resolution of sundry cases thereunto belonging.

John Owen Temptation the nature and power of it; the danger of entering into it; and the means of preventing that danger: with a resolution of sundry cases thereunto belonging.

John Owen Temptation Nature

the nature and power of it; the danger of entering into it; and the means of preventing that danger:
with a resolution of sundry cases thereunto belonging.
by John Owen
John Owen Temptation Nature

“Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” — Rev 3:10.

John Owen

John Owen
John Owen

John Owen (1616 – 24 August 1683) was an English Nonconformist church leader, theologian, and academic administrator at the University of Oxford. Brought up a Puritan, he became a non-conformist to the Church of England (Anglican). He was briefly a member of parliament for the University, sitting in the First Protectorate Parliament of 1654 to 1655.

He became pastor at Coggeshall in Essex. His adoption of Congregational principles did not affect his theological position, and in 1647 he again argued against Arminianism in The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, which drew him into long debate with Richard Baxter.

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Works by John Owen (partial list)

As of 2007, the majority of Owen's voluminous works are still in print:

  • Communion with God, Christian Heritage. ISBN 1-84550-209-4.
  • Works of John Owen (2000). On CD-ROM from Ages Software. ISBN 5-550-03299-6Of the Integrity and Purity of the Hebrew and Greek Text of the Scripture; with Considerations on the Prolegomena and Appendix to the Late "Biblia Polyglotta," in vol. IX, The Works of John Owen, ed. Gould, William H, & Quick, Charles W., Philadelphia, PA: Leighton Publications, (1865)
  • Collected Works in 16 Volumes from the Banner of Truth TrustISBN 0-85151-392-1.
  • Commentary on Hebrews in 7 volumes from the Banner of Truth TrustISBN 0-85151-619-X.
  • The Mortification of Sin, Christian Heritage Publishers. ISBN 1-85792-107-0.
  • Biblical Theology: The History of Theology From Adam to Christ or The Nature, Origin, Development, and Study of Theological Truth, In Six Books, Soli Deo Gloria Ministries. ISBN 1-877611-83-2.
  • Sin & Temptation: The Challenge to Personal Godliness. An abridgement by James M. Houston for modern readers of two of Owen's works. ISBN 1-55661-830-1.
  • The Glory of Christ: His Office and His GraceISBN 1-85792-474-6.
  • John Owen on Temptation - The Nature and Power of it, The Danger of Entering it and the Means of Preventing the Danger, Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-749-2
  • The Death of Death in the Death of Christ, Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-740-9
  • The Divine Power of the Gospel, Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-740-9
  • A Dissertation on Divine Justice, Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-785-0
  • Gospel Grounds and Evidences of the Faith of God's Elect, Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-757-7
  • John Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spirit and Regeneration (Book III of Pneumatologia), Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-810-9
  • John Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spirit as a Comforter (Book VIII of Pneumatologia), Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-750-8
  • John Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spirit and Prayer (Book VII of Pneumatologia), Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-752-2
  • John Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spiritual Gifts (Book IX of Pneumatologia), Diggory Press, ISBN 978-1-84685-751-5
  • The Oxford Orations of Dr. John Owen. Ed. Peter Toon. Trans. [from the Latin] supervised by John Glucker. Callington (Cornwall): Gospel Communication. 1971. ISBN 9780950125213 Online edition.
  • A Brief Declaration and Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity, as also of the Person and Satisfaction of Christ (1699) - a refutation of Socinianism, in particular against the teaching of John Biddle.[9]

Secondary works

A number of popular and scholarly analyses of Owen's theology have been published recently, indicating the continued interest in and applicability of his insights. Examples include:

  • D. Baarssen 'Owen in een Nederlandsch gewaat Enkele opmerkingen over de receptie van geschriften van John Owen (1616–1683) door Alexander Comrie (1706–1774)' in Documentatieblad Nadere Reformatie, 38 (2014) no. 1, p. 27-45. ISSN 0165-4349.
  • Martyn Cowan (2017). John Owen and the Civil War Apocalypse. ISBN 978-1-138-08776-7.
  • Lee Gatiss (2008). From Life's First Cry: John Owen on Infant Baptism and Infant SalvationISBN 978-0-946307-70-8.
  • Crawford Gribben (2016). John Owen and English Puritanism: Experiences of DefeatISBN 0190860790
  • Alan Spence (2007). Incarnation and Inspiration: John Owen and the Coherence of Christology.
  • Kelly Kapic (2007). Communion with God: The Divine and the Human in the Theology of John Owen.
  • Carl R. Trueman (2007). John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renasissance ManISBN 978-0754614708
  • Robert W. Oliver, ed. (2002). John Owen: The Man and His TheologyISBN 0-87552-674-8.
  • Steve Griffiths (2001). Redeem the Time: Sin in the Writings of John OwenISBN 1-85792-655-2.
  • Carl R. Trueman (1998). The Claims of Truth: John Owen's Trinitarian TheologyISBN 0-85364-798-4.
  • J. I. Packer (1994). A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian LifeISBN 0-89107-819-3. Contains several chapters related to Owen, whom Packer says was one of the three great influences in his life.
  • Sinclair B. Ferguson (1987). John Owen on the Christian LifeISBN 0-85151-503-7.
  • Peter Toon (1971). God's Statesman: Life and Work of John OwenISBN 0-85364-133-1.

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