Alexander, Archibald – Works

This multiple work module for theWord holds 14 works by the famous author Archibald Alexander

Works of Archibald Alexander

This multiple work module for theWord holds 14 works by the famous author Archibald Alexander

Contents of Works of Archibald Alexander

Annals of the Jewish Nation during the Period of the Second Temple
Biographical Sketches of the Founder, and Principal Alumni of the Log College: Together with an Account of the Revivals of Religion, under Their Ministry
A Brief Compend of Bible Truth
The Canon of the Old and New Testaments Ascertained, or the Bible Complete without the Apocrypha and Unwritten Traditions
Counsels of the Aged to the Young
A Dialogue between a Presbyterian and a “Friend”
A Discourse Occasioned by the Burning of the Theatre in the City of Richmond, Virginia, on the Twenty-Sixth of December, 1811
The Duty of Catechetical Instruction
Evidences of the Authenticity, Inspiration and Canonical Authority of the Holy Scriptures
A History of the Israelitish Nation: From their Origin to their Dispersion at the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans
A Memorial of Mrs. Margaret Breckinridge
A Missionary Sermon, Preached in the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, on the Twenty-Third of May, 1814
Practical Sermons to Be Read in Families and Social Meetings
Practical Truths
The Sermon, Delivered at the Inauguration of the Rev. Archibald Alexander
Suggestions in Vindication of Sunday-Schools, but More Especially for the Improvement of Sunday-School Books, and the Enlargement of the Plan of Instruction
Thoughts on Religious Experience
Thoughts on the Education of Pious and Indigent Candidates for the Ministry
Universalism: False and Unscriptural
The Way of Salvation: Familiarly Explained in a Conversation between a Father and His Children

Works by Archibald Alexander


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