Canoncity issues with Catholicism

In Canoncity issues with Catholicism, we use this as a gathering point for issues in Canoncity and the way Catholics consider the canon of Scripture.

First of all, Catholicism promotes that they are the true descendants of authentic Christianity. By the way this is phrased, every else that is not Catholicism is of the devil and not of God. That is their basic point.

Note: They do somewhat accept other religions that are very similar to Roman Catholicism like the Eastern Orthodox religion and Anglicanism. The key point here is that they accept them to degrees because they are so similar to the heartbeat of Catholicism that they cannot reject them, nor can they fully accept them (they would be in competition with Catholic).

Catholics esteem Holy Scripture less than their own Organization

To understand Catholics view on the Canon, you must understand their doctrine and beliefs. Catholics believe that they are the only “right ones”, and that their Pope is a spiritual descendant from Peter. Peter being the first Pope notwithstanding that Paul had to rebuke Peter heresy at points. Jesus Christ even rebuked Peter.

Works of the Apostle Peter

Exalting Tradition

Whereas Catholicism does not exalt the Holy Scriptures to a supreme place that it deserves, they also hold as even being above the Bible the teachings of the church fathers, as they see them. Since this body of men held contradictions within their own teachings, there is no harmony between, and this cannot be tenable. But they look to their traditions of the fathers as a most holy authority.

Note: When you argue with a priest over some religious point, his “authority” is the Pope and the Catholic Church’s official teaching, so he does not really defend his position from the Bible, using Scriptures and clear correct exposition. He just references the Pope.

What do Catholics esteem as Inspired Scripture?

Actually, they consider the pope’s own official proclamations as being equal to Scripture. While these proclamations contradict one pope with another, they also contradict within a single pope’s own proclamations. According to their point of view, God uses the Pope to be the Vicar of Christ, and what comes out of the Pope’s mouth is God himself speaking. So they have to deny the harmony of Scripture in order to make this system even lightly work. It just doesn’t work though.

Works on Catholicism

The Apocrypha

Within the Catholics’ “Holy Fathers”, those Christians clerics after the time of the Apostles, they did not see the Apocrypha as equal to the Bible, but the Apocrypha contained interesting books (at a time when any kind of book was rare in the hands of the common folk).

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