How do we get a Revival?

How do we get a revival or start a revival? Revivals start when people obey the Bible, and that includes how they seek to start a_revival.

When we understand what we want, then we turn to how to get that. Unfortunately, many people go about trying to achieve a_revival in their church by a Madison Avenue Public Relations program. Their main focus is on doing things, and these things are not all that spiritual. They are just activities that they and their people “do” in order to provoke or cause a_revival. You cause a biblical_revival because you follow the spiritual rules in the Bible.

Revivals are started by people who want them

First of all, revivals are started by people who want them. If the pastor and common members of your church do not want a_revival, then you will not see one happen. You must understand that revivals begin and are executed by people, and they must have the_revival “happen” in their hearts and spiritual lives before anything else.

Revivals are very costly in terms of personal items

Secondly, revivals are very costly in terms of personal items. You may say that a_revival speaker will come and preach for free, so why costly? No, there is an economic cost, but the cost I speak of is the cost of what you have to give up in order to see_revival happen. You must pray, and you must pray heartily, and not be hurried, and you must saturate the_revival in prayer way before any meeting is held. You have to give up your sins, your most favorite, and protected sins.

Another mark is, that you must also be willing to so change your spiritual life as to conform to God’s will, and live a godly life of energy and work for our Lord. This is very costly and few will want this, and those that do will only want it after taking thought on this personal expense and accepting to do what it takes personally in their own lives. This all happens much before any speaker stands in the pulpit and preaches.

Revivals_focus on turning sinful men into people that obey God

Thirdly, revivals focus on turning sinful men into people that obey God. This is both the pastor, the church people, and any unsaved that end up in the services.

Revivals_focus on soul-winning or true evangelism

Fourthly, revivals focus on soul-winning or true evangelism. Obeying God is seen principally in being saved, and salvation includes taking that same gospel that saved you to the unsaved world around us. Faith must be a foundational element of your salvation. Your faith must be real and seen in your own life, and this includes living the Christian life before the world, and in fact, opposing the world by your true faith in God and in God’s way of doing things, and God’s declarations of how things are.

Revivals_focus on Holiness in the person

Fifthly, revivals_focus on holiness in the person. It is unbelievable how the typical church can have a revival. They speak of how it blessed their soul, and then the next Sunday after the revival the attendance is half of a normal Sunday’s attendance. In other words, people got something, God blesses them, and now that they are filled up with this blessing, they are good for a good while and don’t have to return to church? What hypocrites we are!

A revival is to set your life on a higher plane, and then you continue living on that higher plain after the revival. You should be more faithful after being blessed by a revival, not less. And you should show more spiritual energy in your Christian life and your participation in your church rather than less.

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