The Holy Spirit and Prayer

The Holy Spirit and Prayer examines how the Holy Spirit works in and through the prayers of the saints for their needs and desires.

We are commanded by God to present our needs and desires to him in prayer. While this is often neglected until it becomes a dire last resort need, we should pray for all things, and “talk problems of our lives over with God.” Among all of this conversation with God, there are certain times, situations, and elements when it is hard to express exactly what is the problem, or what we would think should be the solution. Basically, we just cry out, “Ouch!” Things are not right and “God fix it”. This is where the Holy Spirit enters into things to pick up where we cannot even pray correctly.

But in common elements, the Holy Spirit enters into our thoughts and heart to clarify Scripture, and many times this means that we are not praying correctly because we do not understand the principles of God in the matter, or we understand insufficiently, or we are just stubborn. The Holy Spirit will then take over to debate and convince us of what we really need to be desiring and asking God for.

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