Webmaster Messages


I am slowly getting the website back together after the hackers messed me up. Note that I am trying to optimize the website for speed and for mobile devices. The sidebar will be sparce with this (they don’t show in mobile devices). At this point I am going through each and every post already on this website (211) and checking that the download links work. Please send me an email if they don’t. After going through my archives, I find I have around 30,000 files (e-Sword,Mysword, or theWord), and more if I count RTF, DOC, and PDF. At this point about 10,000 module downloads will probably “break” the website. That means I will have to pay more than I am paying now for hosting. I am not sure, but probably around. At this point, this ministry is falling mostly to me, because we go sometimes 4-5 months between donations of $5 or $10. But I am committed to trying to work this so that I get all those files up and usable. Austerity needs to come in heavily to cut down the overhead of all of these files. Please forgive me if I don’t have a lot of links and pictures and stuff. I am trying to keep from breaking the website.