Morgan, G.C. – The Parables and Metaphors of Our Lord 1.1

63 excellent chapters on parabolic interpretation. How good is it? John MacArthur has it on his list of 850 recommended books for the expositor (and he favors modern/contemporary works…). I highly recommend this title.

Ironside – Care for God’s Fruit Trees

Care for God’s Fruit-trees… by H.A. Ironside See biographical information on Harry Allen Ironside (Brethren) Ironside – Care for God's Fruit Trees Ironside-Care-for-Gods-Fruit-TreesDCox.gbk_.twm 0.1 MiB 335 Downloads Details Author:Ironside, H. […]

Austin-Sparks Nehemiah – A Living Message for God’s People Today

In this brief work (3 Chapters) by Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life), he examines Nehemiah. His chapters are End-Time Conditions, The Character of the Lord’s Vessel of recovery, and A model prayer of intercession.