Anderson, Sir Robert – Daniel in the Critics Den

In this work by Sir Robert Anderson  (Daniel in the Critics Den), he takes up the criticism of liberals against the authority of the book of Daniel, i.e. that Daniel really wrote it, and all of it. He counters Higher Criticism and other issues they use to try to destroy our faith in the book of Daniel.

Spurgeon, C.H. – Words of Wisdom

Spurgeon’s Word of Wisdom is a work that looks at some issues in the Christian life, like being double-minded, Pride, Evildoing, Sloth, Sleep, capital punishment, profit and loss, zeal, self-ease, courage, etc.

Calvin, John-Thirty-Six Sermons of John Calvin

In this work of Thirty-Six Sermons of John Calvin Calvin’s sermons are on the deity of Jesus Christ, nativity, Passion of Christ (8 sermons), resurrection, perverting the Gospel, condemned by the law, ravening wolves,  salvation of all men, call to witness, pure preaching of the Word, etc.

Austin-Sparks Nehemiah – A Living Message for God’s People Today

In this brief work (3 Chapters) by Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life), he examines Nehemiah. His chapters are End-Time Conditions, The Character of the Lord’s Vessel of recovery, and A model prayer of intercession.