Bonar A – The Person of Christ

Person of Christ is a 6 Chapter work on Christ by Andrew Bonar. Bonar sees Christ as the Essence of Glad Things, the Gospel is found in Christ, Christ knows sin and applies this to salvation, Christ’s person promotes peace, gives holiness to the soul, and affects our views of death.

Bonar, Andrew – Development of Antichrist

Development of the Antichrist is a short work by Bonar on the Antichrist. His chapters are the Personality of the Antichrist, the time of his appearing, his characteristics and durtion,his destruction and its consequence, conclusion.

Bonar, A. – Articles and Sermons of Andrew Bonar.

This module is made up of 54 articles and sermons of Andrew Bonar.

Bonar A {Presbyterian}- The Twelve Tribes (1866)

A 12 chapter work by Andrew Bonar on the Twelve sons of Jacob. Originally published as a serial for The Scattered Nation, in 1866, this is a most interesting series on the tribes of Israel. Note that there is no comments on the tribe of Gad in this work