Alexander, Archibald – Archibald Alexander Sermons #1

Archibald Alexander Sermons #1 is a compilation of 47 sermons by Archibald Alexander (Presbyterian) compiled and edited by David Cox.

Alexander, A. – Handbook of Christian Ethics

In A Handbook of Christian Ethics Alexander presents a layout of Christian Ethics in which he explores the reality of ethics and our moral responsibilities in different areas, and he also explores some institutions like civil government, family, church, etc.

Alexander-Outlines Moral Science

Archibald Alexander{s Outlines of Moral Science is a work about morality, and studies in virtue. Man, as a Creation of God, has a moral obligation to respond to God’s moral obligations upon man.

Alexander, Archibald – A Brief Compend of Bible Truth

Alexander, Archibald – A Brief Compend of Bible Truth Alexandera-compend-bible-truth(doctrine) Gbk alexandera-compend-bible-truthdoctrine.gbk_.twm 0.9 MiB 110 Downloads Details Author:Alexander, A. Platforms:Windows 8 Category:Doctrine-Syst. Theology Date:April 28, 2018