Warfield Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

Warfield Person and Work of the Holy Spirit is a 15 chapter work on various central elements of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Warfield, B.B. – The Divine Origin of the Bible

In this 5 chapter work on Bibliology, Warfield (Presbyterian) presents us with the History of the Bible, the structure, the teaching, special characteristics of the Bible, and the impossibility of accounting for the Bible.

Warfield, B. B. – Faith and Life

Faith and Life is a set of 41 sermons by B.B: Warfield on our Christian faith and our Christian life.

Warfield, B. B. – Plan of Salvation

Plan of Salvation is a 5 chapter work which examines different religious groups view of the plan of Salvation; Differing concepts, autosoterism, sacerdotalism, universalism, and Calvinism. Warfield is Calivinst.

Warfield Faith and Life

This work by Warfield Faith and Life is a set of 40 plus topics related to issues in the Christian faith and the Christian Life.