Aycock – Crimson Stream

Crimson Stream is written by Nazarene author Jarrette Aycock, and it is a compilation of 15 chapters of thoughts and sermons on the blood of Christ, and the atonement.

Reid – The Blood of Jesus

In this 12 chapter book by Reid, he examines the Blood of Jesus, in its power, purpose, as the gift of God, in its regenerating, how to use it (faith), it is the essence of the Gospel, and testimony.

Bonar, Horatius – Blood of the Cross

In this 11 chapter work by Horatius Bonar (a Brethren writer), Bonar examines the blood of the cross. He looks at “who” killed Christ, in other words who is guilty of the blood of Christ, the accusation, Israel specifically, and the whole world. Then Bonar examines God’s view of that blood and sinful man’s view.