Baldwin The Carnal Mind

The Carnal Mind by Harmon Allen Baldwin is a 30 chapter work on the carnal mind, defining terms, biblical view, what is evil, guilt, pollution, self-denial, oppositon to light, etc.

Smeaton Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

In Smeaton – The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit he examines historically what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit. This is an old classic work (1862). In the New Testament portion he looks at topics.

Murray Spirit of Christ

In this 31 chapter (month devotions) book by Andrew Murray (Deeper Life, Dutch Reformed), he examines the spirit of Christ

Chafer – He that is Spiritual theWord

Chafer’s study on he that is spiritual is a study on what is the biblical picture of a spiritual person. He looks at the three classes of men (natural, carnal, spiritual), and the ministries of the Spirit, the filling of the Spirit that gives true spirituality, “Grieve not the Spirit”, “Quench not the Spirit”, “Walk in the Spirit”, analogy and conclusion.

Dixon Person & Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Dixon (Baptist) Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit looks at the Holy Spirit. Topics: Revealer of Christ, Enduement of the Spirit, Spirit’s threefold conviction, Spirit of Sonship, Heavenly Unction, Grieving-tempting-resisting the Spirit, Worship and Witnessing, Agreement with the Word, Holy Spirit and Christian, Spirit of Prophecy.

Lehman – The Man in Black

The Man in Black is a tongue in cheek work from time past in which Lehman satirizes how the world has “made the Devil a Gentleman” (and his son a man in Black, like a man of respect). While this is more like a work of fiction or something like Pilgrims Progress, it does have some interesting insights of compromise in 1913.

Askwith – The Christian Concept of Holiness

This is a 12 chapter work, looking at holiness from several different angles: Moral duty, Virtue, Conscience and Reason, Happiness, etc.