Chadwick – The Call To Christian Perfection

John Wesley’s teaching on Christian perfection is a foundational work in Methodism. The principle is that it is possible for a Christian to arrive at “perfection” (i.e. no sin). Chadwick’s work is a supporting work to Wesley’s.

Wesley, J. – John Wesley’s Sermons

John Wesley (1703-1791) founded Methodism. A prolific writer, he printed several volumes of his sermons during his lifetime. The published sermons either were rewritten from ones that he had preached or were written specifically for print.
We use Thomas Jackson’s numbering for John Wesley’s sermons (the text is from the 1872 edition).John Wesley’s Sermons module has 141 sermons by John Welsey

Askwith – The Christian Concept of Holiness

This is a 12 chapter work, looking at holiness from several different angles: Moral duty, Virtue, Conscience and Reason, Happiness, etc.

Darby, J.N. – Pilgrim Portions

Pilgrim Portions J. N. Darby. This edition reproduced by permission, and modified from Darby, J N – Pilgrim Portions Gbk Darby-J.N.-Pilgrim-Portions.gbk_.twm 0.3 MiB 122 Downloads Details Author:Darby, J.N. Platforms:Windows […]