Kingsley, Charles – Good News of God

Sermons by Charles Kingsley.

Bonar, Horatius – Blood of the Cross

In this 11 chapter work by Horatius Bonar (a Brethren writer), Bonar examines the blood of the cross. He looks at “who” killed Christ, in other words who is guilty of the blood of Christ, the accusation, Israel specifically, and the whole world. Then Bonar examines God’s view of that blood and sinful man’s view.

Gaebelein Lord of Glory

Gaebelein’s work, the Lord of Glory, is a work on Meditations on the Person, the Work and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ryle, Evangelical Tracts of J.C. Ryle

Evangelical Tracts of J.C. Ryle wrote well over two hundred evangelical tracts, of which more than two million were circulated, and many were translated into foreign languages. Throughout his ministry, he remained one of the strongest defenders of the evangelical reformed faith within the Church of England. His faithful witness to the Gospel of Christ needs to be heard more than ever today. The following selection of tracts are classics of Gospel Truth that readers came to expect from all his writings. His tracts are.