Morgan, G.C. – Crises of Christ

In this book, Pastor Morgan deals with some of the great moments in the life of Christ: His Birth, His Baptism, the Temptation, the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the answer of Christ (which is Man Redeemed).

Morgan, G.C. – Purpose of the Advent

This four chapter work explains the purpose of the Advent; to destroy Satan’s Works, to take away sin, to reveal the Father, and to prepare for the Second advent.

Morgan Spirit of God v2

In the Spirit of God by Pastor Morgan he divides the study of the Holy Spirit up into 7 sections: The Spirit of God, the Ideal Creation, the Spirit Prior to Pentecost, the Teaching of Christ concerning the Spirit, the Pentecostal Age, the Spirit in the Individual, and the Practical Application.

Morgan, G.C. – A First Century Message to Twentieth Century Christians

This is Pastor Morgan’s The Seven Churches of Rev 2-3 in which he comments on the letter to each church.

Morgan, G.C. – All Things New

In this 6 chapter work by Morgan (Congregationalist), he looks at the life of a new convert to Christ. He begins with a message to the new convert, then he examines the new fact, the new responsibility, the new perils, the new resources, and the new activities.