Anon – Basic Christian Doctrine

Anon Basic Christian Doctrine is a 50 Chapter doctrines book that is anonymous.

Chafer – Grace

A study of the biblical doctrine of Grace. It is a quite extensive study on Grace, and his chapter divisions are the theme, salvation by grace, safe-keeping in grace, life under grace, kingdom teachings, contrasts between law and grace teachings, the law done away, the sabbath-a test question, Christ-the Believer’s sphere in Grace, conclusion.

Gill, John – A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, Books 1 -7

A doctrinal book Body of Doctrinal Divinity is a set of 7 doctrinal books by Reformed John Gill.

Baier – Compendium of Positive Theology

The Baier/Walther Compendium of Positive Theology served as the systematic theology textbook for the first few generations of Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod pastors. Written in Latin, it is a revised edition of a classic work by the Seventeenth Century Lutheran dogmatian Johannes Baier. This edition contains an English translation of the theses at the head of each chapter. Later editions will offer the full text of the work.