Teasley Holy Spirit and Other Spirits

Teasley Holy Spirit and Other Spirits is about the Holy Spirit’s effect on the believer as wells as how other spirits (demons) try to affect mankind with specific unholy spirits.

Anderson Robert – The Silence of God Theodicy

Anderson Silence of God theodicy is about when God is silent, the silence of God, which in theology it is theodicy. Why doesn’t God immediately vindicate his children.

Epp Bible Answers to Your Questions

In Epp-Bible Answers to Your Questions a 66 page booklet, Epp answers various questions on different Bible issues.

Smith Person and Gift of the Holy Spirit

In Chuck Smith Person and Gift of the Holy Spirit, Smith focuses on the Holy Spirit living and working within the believer, as well as the person of the Holy Spirit.

Smith God of All Comfort

The God of All Comfort – Hannah Whitall Smith is a 17 chapter devotional by Smith about Christian Topics.

the-highway Roman Catholic archives

This theWord module is a whole lot of articles from the-highway.com website on Catholicism.