Shaw Of God and the Holy Trinity

Robert Shaw’s short 1 chapter work on God and the Holy Trinity is an excellent collection of observations and verses that defend the Trinity.

Smith Person and Gift of the Holy Spirit

In Chuck Smith Person and Gift of the Holy Spirit, Smith focuses on the Holy Spirit living and working within the believer, as well as the person of the Holy Spirit.

Austin-Sparks Divine Anointing

Austin-Sparks work on the Divine Anointing deals with the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, and his vocation as well as being holy anointing oil, and grace.

Austin-Sparks, T. – God’s Reactions to Man’s Defections – Part 1, Part 2

In this two-book work (part 1 and part 2) on God’s Reactions to Man’s Defection, Austin-Sparks looks at man’s defections or sin. While the normal classification of this book would be Harmartiology (Doctrine of Sin) Austin-Sparks take on this is that “God’s Reactions” focus on the church concept to “fix” man’s sin concepts.