Zuck – The Role of the Holy Spirit in Hermeneutics

Zuck-The Role of the Holy Spirit in Hermeneutics is an excerpt from Bibliotheca Sacra on the Holy Spirit helping us understand Scripture

Body-The Guided Life

The Guided life by George Body is a shorter 5 chapter work looking at the Holy Spirit guiding us by the way of contrition, then Sanctity, then Ministry, and finally by the way of Patience.

Torrey, R.A. – Person and Work of The Holy Spirit

In Torrey’s 22 chapter  work, Person and Work of The Holy Spirit, he investigates the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, looking at the normal issues like personality, deity, names, etc. but also some different aspects such as the distinction of the H.S. from the Father and Son, and subordination.

Austin-Sparks Divine Anointing

Austin-Sparks work on the Divine Anointing deals with the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, and his vocation as well as being holy anointing oil, and grace.

Stanley, C. – The Way the Lord hath Led Me

00c Contents Chapter 1. Nothing to read but the Bible. — Trying to Reform. — Conversion. — Need of Fellowship. — First Sermon on Joh_3:16. — Early Life. — Visit […]

Meyer, F.B. – Secret of Guidance

In this work by Meyer, Secret of Guidance he explains the secrets of receiving guidance from God.