Bonar H – The Rent Veil

Horatius Bonar’s work the Rent Veil is about the thick veil in the temple in Jerusalem between the holy of holies and where the people came to present sacrifices. On the moment of Christ’s death, it was rent in two. This represents the division between God and man because of sin. Christ fixed it with his death on the cross.

Bonar, Horatius – Blood of the Cross

In this 11 chapter work by Horatius Bonar (a Brethren writer), Bonar examines the blood of the cross. He looks at “who” killed Christ, in other words who is guilty of the blood of Christ, the accusation, Israel specifically, and the whole world. Then Bonar examines God’s view of that blood and sinful man’s view.

Bonar Works of the Holy Spirit

The Works of the Holy Spirit is a brief five chapter work by H. Bonar {Presbyterian} on the works of the Holy Spirit. He looks at the works in the OT and then in the NT, and the Love of the Spirit, and then a chapter on Night-Daybreak-Clear Day, and then a final chapter on the Lord’s Supper.