Edwards, Jonathan – Religious Affections, the

A TREATISE CONCERNING RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS. IN THREE PARTS. BY JONATHAN EDWARDS Table of Contents Title Page Introduction Part I. Concerning the nature of the affections and their importance in religion. […]

Edwards, Jonathan – Charity and its Fruits, 16 sermons

These 16 sermons were preached to the congregation in Northampton in 1738. Intending them to be published after they were delivered, Edwards prepared them completely by hand. However, they were never published until 1851 when Tyrone Edwards edited the original manuscripts and titled them “CHARITY AND ITS FRUITS… Christian love manifested in the heart and life”

Edwards, Jonathan – David Brainerd

A Biography of David Brainerd, missionary to the American Indians by Jonathan Edwards Edwards, Jonathan – David Brainerd Gbk Edwards-Jonathan-David-Brainerd.gbk_.twm 0.6 MiB 197 Downloads Details Author:Edwards, J. Category:Biography Date:February 19, […]