Edwards, Jonathan – David Brainerd

A Biography of David Brainerd, missionary to the American Indians by Jonathan Edwards Edwards, Jonathan – David Brainerd Gbk Edwards-Jonathan-David-Brainerd.gbk_.twm 0.6 MiB 162 Downloads Details Author:Edwards, J. Category:Biography Date:February 19, […]

Tayor Hudson a Ribband of Blue

Tayor Hudson a Ribband of Blue is a eight chapter work on missions in China. Taylor speaks of the blessedness of Prosperity and then adversity, the coming to the King, a full reward, under the Shephard’s care, self-denial, and all sufficiency.

Multiple – Demon Experiences in Many Lands

This work of 31 chapters is simply different chapters of experiences by missionaries and others with demonic activity from different countries around the world. Some chapters are Modern Demon Posession, Demonology, Saved and Delivered, Relpase? Under the curse, etc.