Baldwin The Carnal Mind

The Carnal Mind by Harmon Allen Baldwin is a 30 chapter work on the carnal mind, defining terms, biblical view, what is evil, guilt, pollution, self-denial, oppositon to light, etc.

Finney, Charles – Systematic Theology (revised)

83 Lectures on Systematic Theology by Rev. Charles Finney. Charles Finney is counter to all Calvinist doctrine. His lectures propose systematic theology in a different light.

Wiley Systematic Theology 3 vols

Henry Orton Wiley’s 3 vol Christian Theology work has 40+ chapters on the different areas of theology, such as, Bibliology, Theology Proper, etc.

Reade, Thomas – Christian Retirement

SPIRITUAL EXERCISES OF THE HEART or CHRISTIAN RETIREMENT by Thomas Reade, 1837 Reade, Thomas – Christian Retirement Reade-Thomas-Christian-Retirement-wlue777.gbk_.twm 0.8 MiB 238 Downloads Details Author:Reade, T. Category:Devotional Works Date:September 23, 2015