Steele – Love Enthroned

Steele – Love Enthroned is a work on what is love, its different aspects, biblical examples, etc. 23 chs.

Warfield Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

Warfield Person and Work of the Holy Spirit is a 15 chapter work on various central elements of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Walker Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

Walker-The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit is a 7 chapter general work on the Holy Spirit with 9 appendices. He treats OT, person of the Spirit, work of the Spirit, HS in Christ, etc.

Murray Spirit of Christ

In this 31 chapter (month devotions) book by Andrew Murray (Deeper Life, Dutch Reformed), he examines the spirit of Christ

Ketcherside Heaven Help us

Ketcherside – Heaven Help us- Holy Spirit in your Life is a brief 9 Chapter work on questions about the Holy Spirit and how He relates to the believer.

Warfield, B. B. – Faith and Life

Faith and Life is a set of 41 sermons by B.B: Warfield on our Christian faith and our Christian life.

Warfield Faith and Life

This work by Warfield Faith and Life is a set of 40 plus topics related to issues in the Christian faith and the Christian Life.