Unknown-Maps of the Bible

These 128 maps are high-quality topographical maps full of historical information concerning various topics and accounts found in the bible.

Anonymous – Children of the Bible

This anonymous work on the Children of the Bible studies Isaac and Ishmael, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, the Widow’s son, the little captive maid, Josiah, Jesus, little children brought to Jesus, the Ruler’s daughter, and Timothy.

MacDuff, John – Sunsets on the Hebrew Mountains v2

This devotional work of 17 chapters reviews different lives of Old and New Testament saints: Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, Eli, Samuel, Barzillai, David, Abiram & Segub, Jehoiada, Elisha, Manasseh, Simeon, John the Baptist, Lot’s Wife, Widow of Nain, Jesus, Stephen.