Anderson, Sir Robert – Forgotten Truths

In this work by Anderson, Forgotten Truths, he looks at several points of interest that many glosses over without considering too profoundly. For example, the Eternal Word of God, the Blessing of the Gentiles, the Mystery of Christ, Christ’s return, the Church age, the rapture, the Bema seat, the evangelization of the world, etc.

Scroggie – Is the Bible the Word of God?

Scroggie Is the Bible the Word of God, This is a work on whether the Bible is the authority of God or not. Bibliology. Of course it is. The Bible itself claims to be inspired. Both Old and New Testaments testify to this.

Cole, C.D. – Definitions of Doctrine (3 Volumes)

Definitions of Doctrine is a basic doctrines book in three volumes. Vol 1 has 26 chapters dealing with the doctrine of God. Vol. 2 has 27 chapters on Sin, Salvation, and Service. Volume three has 27 chapters on the Church.

Gray, J.M. – Inspiration of the Bible: Definition, Extent and Proof

This work (Inspiration of the Bible) is an examination of the Inspiration of Scripture in four chapters Definiton, Extent, Proof, and Difficulties..