Doctrine of Baptism: Mechanical or Spiritual?

Aitken Doctrine of Baptism is an 8 chapter work on baptism, looking at it from the consideration of Regeneration and Conversion. Note that Aitken is Anglican, so getting people wet is the same for him (or about the same) as getting them saved. Water Baptism and salvation merge together in his thoughts.
CHAPTER I Introductory
CHAPTER II The Doctrine of the Church . . . .16
CHAPTER III Regeneration and Conversion .... 32
CHAPTER IV The Gospel Revelation on the Subject of Regeneration 50
CHAPTER V A Consideration of the Conditions of Regeneration ON Man's Side Cz
CHAPTER VI The Conditions of Regeneration, as Witnessed TO IN THE Epistles 84
CHAPTER VII Infant Baptism, considered in the Light of THESE Conclusions 97
CHAPTER VIII Regeneration of Infants, Provisional or Absolute? 109
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DateMay 26, 2021