Anderson, Sir Robert – Daniel in the Critics Den (wlue777).gbk

I. The "Higher Criticism," and Dean Farrar's Estimate of the Bible
II. The Historical Errors of Daniel
III. Historical Errors Continued: Belshazzar and Darius the Mede
IV. "Philological Peculiarities": The Language of Daniel
V. The Positive Evidence In Favour of Daniel
VI. "Violent Errors"
VII. Professor Driver's "Book of Daniel "- The Evidence of the Canon
VIII. The Vision of the "Seventy Weeks "- The Prophetic Year
IX. The Fulfilment of the Vision of the "Weeks"
X. Summary and Conclusion


I. Nebuchadnezzar's First Invasion of Judea
II. The Death of Belshazzar
III. The Punctuation of Daniel IX
IV. The Jewish Calendar
V. The Twentieth Year of Artaxerxes
VI. The Date of the Crucifixion
VII. Professor Driver's Indictment of Daniel
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