Anderson, Sir Robert – Human Destiny

In this work by Anderson, he discusses what happens after death.  He speaks of the eternal hope of the believer, Salvator Mundi, the restitution of all things, the wider hope, he answers the question of what is life, then examines eternal life in Christ. He debunks annihilation and explores conditional immortality.

Title Page
Chapter 1 After Death What
Chapter 2 Eternal Hope
Chapter 3 Salvator Mundi
Chapter 4 The Restitution of All Things
Chapter 5 The Wider Hope
Chapter 6 What Is Life
Chapter 7 Eternal Life In Christ
Chapter 8 Annihilation
Chapter 9 Conditional Immortality
Chapter 10 The Question Restated
Chapter 11 The Question Discussed
Chapter 12 The Question Answered
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DateMarch 4, 2016
AuthorAnderson, R
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