Anderson, Sir Robert – The Silence of God

Anderson Silence of God theodicy is about when God is silent, the silence of God, which in theology it is theodicy. Why doesn't God immediately vindicate his children.
1. Where is God when people suffer?
2. The Inaction of Christ
3. Direct Divine Interposition
4. Where are miracles today?
5. Miracles for the Jews
6. The difficulty of a Silent Heaven
7. Crucified their Messiah
8. The Church or the Bible?
9. Agnostic's view of Christian Doctrine
10. Paul's "My Gospel"
11. The god of this World
12. Christ and the Cross is the Final Word
13. The Suffering of Saints

I. The alleged miracles of spiritualism and faith healing
II. The use and meaning of the word "religion" in this work 171
III. The purpose and scope of the Acts of the Apostles. 172
IV. A new dispensation began when the Jews rejected the Pentecostal testimony 177
V. The meaning of " mystery" in the New Testament. 180
VI. Examination of passages of Scripture relative to the Devil and his temptations 182
VII. Further exegesis of John viii. 44-The effect of Satan's influence in the world 186
VIII. The Satan Myth 189
IX. The gospel of Divine grace, and men's attitude towards it 200
X. "Of what value, then, is prayer?" . . . . 203
XI. Abandonment of the critical attack on the New Testament - Mr. A. D. White and Professor Harnack. 2088
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DateJanuary 18, 2016
AuthorAnderson, R
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