Bunyan, J. – Life and Death of Mr. Badman

This is a fictional work by Bunyan is the same vein as Pilgrim's Progress.
Table of Contents
CHAP. 1. Badman's death and its awful consequences, This leads to the discourse of his life.
CHAP. 2. Badman's wicked behavior in childhood,
CHAP. 3. Badman's apprenticeship to a pious master,
CHAP. 4. He gets a new master bad as himself,
CHAP. 5. Badman in business; the tricks of a wicked tradesman,
CHAP. 6. His hypocritical courtship and marriage to a pious, rich, young lady,
CHAP. 7. He throws off the mask and cruelly treats his wife. Bunyan's rules for such as think of marriage,
CHAP. 8. Badman is a bankrupt, and gets by it hat-fulls of money,
CHAP. 9. Badman's fraudulent dealings to get money,
CHAP. 10. The simple Christian's views of extortion,
CHAP. 11. Instructions for righteous trading,
CHAP. 12. Badman's pride, atheism, infidelity, and envy,
CHAP. 13. He gets drunk and breaks his leg. God's judgments upon drunkards,
CHAP. 14. His pretended repentings and promises of reform when death grimly stares at him,
CHAP. 15. Death leaves him for a season, and he returns to his sins, like a sow that has been washed to her wallowing in the mire,
CHAP. 16. His pious wife dies broken-hearted. Her deathbed charge to her family,
CHAP. 17. He is tricked into a second marriage by a woman as bad as himself,
CHAP. 18. He parts from his wife, diseases attack him under Captain Consumption; he rots away and dies in sinful security,
CHAP. 19. Future happiness not to be hoped from a quiet, hardened death. Some remarkable instances,
CHAP. 20. Without godly repentance, the wicked man's hopes and life die together.
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DateMarch 5, 2015
AuthorBunyan, John