Franklin – Gospel Preacher (volume 1)

The Gospel Preacher (volume 1) is a collection of twenty full-text sermons by Benjamin Franklin, published in 1869. These sermons average 20 pages each. This is not the Benjamin Franklin associated with the founding of the United States, but his great-great-great nephew who was named after him. This man, in most writings, is referred to as "Elder Benjamin Franklin." Many preachers in the 1800s were called "elder," just like today, many preachers are called "pastor."

A quote from one of the sermons:

What did God give the Scriptures for? "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable." Profitable for what? If one were to notice the popular custom of the preachers, he might infer that the Scriptures were given that they might have a convenient book from which to get texts, for this is one use made of them. But Paul does not say the Scriptures are profitable for that use. If one were to look again, he might suppose that the Lord designed the Scripture as proof of the doctrines and commandments of men, for a man in one church is busily engaged in quoting Scripture to prove Universalism, in another Unitarianism, in another Trinitarianism, in another Calvinism, in another Arminianism. If this was the purpose of God in giving us the Scriptures, it is certain that the apostles and first Christians never so understood it. They never used them any such purpose. What, then, does Paul say they are profitable for? They are profitable for doctrine or for teaching. Is it not astonishing that men should be hesitating about what doctrine to adopt, and debating about what the true doctrine is, when the apostle so clearly states, that "all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine or teaching." He does not say it is profitable to prove our doctrine by, but it is the doctrine itself.

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Table of Contents:
Evidences of the Divine Authority of the Bible.
What Must Men Believe to Be Saved?
How Are Persons Made Believers?
Different Things to Which Salvation Is Ascribed in the New Testament.
Men Must Do Something to Be Saved.
Conversion, or Turning to God.
The Adaptation of the Bible to Man.
The Simplicity of the Gospel of Christ.
The Two Covenants.
The Inauguration of the New Institution.
Predestination and the Foreknowledge of God.
The Necessity of Regeneration.
Union of Christians.
A New Testament Example of Conversion.
The Course to Pursue to Be Infallibly Safe.
The Love of God to Man.
The Church--Its Purity.
The Second Coming of Christ and the Destruction of the World.
The Three States of Man--The Fleshly, the Intermediate and the Eternal.
The Punishment After Death of Those Who Die in Their Sins.

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