Gill, John – A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, Books 1 -7

BOOK I: On the Worship of God.
1. Of the Object of Worship.
2. Of Internal Worship, or Godliness.
3. Of the Knowledge of God.
4. Of Repentance Towards God.
5. Of the Fear of God.
6. Of Faith in God.
7. Of Trust and Confidence in God.
8. Of the Grace of Hope.
9. Of the Grace of Love.
10. Of Spiritual Joy.
11. Of Peace and Tranquility of Mind.
12. Of Contentment of Mind.
13. Of Thankfulness to God.
14. Of Humility.
15. Of Self-denial
16. Of Resignation to the Will of God.
17. Of Patience.
18. Of Christian Fortitude.
19. Of Zeal.
20. Of Wisdom and Prudence.
21. Of Godly Sincerity.
22. Of Spiritual Mindedness.
23. Of a Good Conscience.
24. Of Communion with God.
Continued in Book 2
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AuthorGill, John