Krummacher-Elijah the Tishbite

1. Elijah’s First Appearance
2. Elijah at the Brook Cherith
3. The Departure for Zarephath
4. Raising the Widow’s Son at Zarephath
5. Elijah and Obadiah
6. Deliverance from the Mouth of a Lion
7. Elijah and the People at Mount Carmel
8. The Decision at Mount Carmel
9. The Prayer on Mount Carmel
10. Flight into the Wilderness
11. Visit under the Juniper Tree
12. Arrival at Mount Horeb
13. The Manifestation on Mount Horeb
14. Renewed Mission
15. The Hidden Church
16. The Calling of Elisha
17. Naboth’s Vineyard
18. Ahab’s Repentance
19. The Journey to Ekron
20. The Preaching by Fire
21. The Work-day Evening
22. The Passage Through Jordan
23. The Great Request
24. The Ascension
25. The Parting
26. The Legacy
27. Growth in Grace
28. The Writing Which Came to Jehoram from Elija
29. The Mount of Transfiguration
30. The Holy Embassy
31. The Shekinah
32. None but Jesus
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DateNovember 29, 2015
AuthorFriedrich Wilhelm Krummacher