Smith, H.- Elisha-The Man Of God

1. Elisha: Preface
2. Elisha: Introduction
3. Call of Elisha, The
4. Servant's Training, The
5. Sons of the Prophets, The
6. Men of the City, The
7. Mockers of Bethel, The
8. Kings and Their Armies, The
9. Widow's Oil, The
10. Shunammite, The
11. Time of Dearth, The
12. Multitude Fed, The
13. Healing of the Leper, The
14. Servant of the Prophet, The
15. Borrowed Ax, The
16. Syrian Raids, The
17. Siege of Samaria, The
18. Seven Years' Famine, The
19. King of Syria, The
20. Anointing of Jehu, The
21. Death of Elisha, The
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DateOctober 3, 2015
AuthorSmith H.