Turretin-21 Questions on Doctrine of Scripture

Table of Contents for 21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture
Introduction by Paul Rittman
1. The Necessity of Verbal Revelation
2. The Necessity of Scripture
3. The Divine Imperative of Written Revelation
4. The Authority of Scripture
5. Apparent Contradictions in Scripture
6. The Knowledge of Scriptural Authority
7. The Preservation of the Canon
8. The Canonicity of the Old Testament
9. The Canonicity of the Apocrypha
10. The Purity of the Original Text
11. The Authentic Version of Scripture
12. The Authenticity of the Hebrew Text
13. The Need of Translations
14. The Authenticity of the Septuagint
15. The Authenticity of the Vulgate
16. The Perfection of Scripture
17. The Perspicuity of Scripture
18. The Reading of Scripture
19. The Meaning of Scripture
20. The Supreme Judge of Controversies and the Interpreter of Scripture
21. The Authority of the Fathers
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DateNovember 29, 2015
AuthorFrancis Turretin