Jewish-Mysticism by Abelson, J., Version 2, abelson-jewish-mysticism.gbk-encrypted.twm (0.7 MiB) – I. SOME EARLY ELEMENTS: ESSENISM II. THE MERKABAH (CHARIOT) MYSTICISM III. PHILO: METATRON: WISDOM IV. KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: FELLOWSHIP: SHECHINAH […]

The Cross

The Cross by Archibald Alexander, Version 2, alexander-the-cross.gbk-encrypted.twm (39 KiB) – Alexander The Cross is a single chapter article or sermon on the cross and different aspects of it.

Doctrine of Baptism: Mechanical or Spiritual?

Doctrine of Baptism: Mechanical or Spiritual? by Aitken, Version 3, aitken-doctrine-of-baptism-mechanical-spiritual.gbk-encrypted.twm (0.2 MiB) – Aitken Doctrine of Baptism is an 8 chapter work on baptism, looking at it from the […]